Georgia official: ‘If the vote was rigged it wouldn’t be so close’

A top Georgia election official has just concluded a briefing where he refused to make a prediction for how much longer we will have to wait for a result.

“We can’t know how long the process will take,” said Gabriel Sterling, an official in the secretary of state’s office. He added that counties technically have until 13 November to report results and that the state does not certify the outcome until 20 November.

Counting is going slowly because they are using paper ballots for the first time in 20 years, he said, and because the gap between Trump and Biden is so close.

“These close elections require us to be diligent and make sure we do everything right,” Sterling said.

He also dismissed claims of voter fraud, saying: “I think if anyone was trying to rig a system they would see something less close than this.”