November 10, 2020

US election 2020 results live: Trump reaction to Biden President-elect | updates

Presidential Election 2020: Joe Biden elected 46th President of the US Joe Biden: 290 Donald Trump: 214 – Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States, promising to be: “A President who seeks not to divide, but to unify. Who doesn’t see Red and Blue states, but a United States.” – Attorney General William Barr has called on federal…

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November 9, 2020

US election: Joe Biden pushes forward with plans for office

US President-elect Joe Biden is to make tackling the coronavirus pandemic his top priority following his win over Donald Trump, his team says. Announcing the first steps in his transition plan, his team said there would be more testing and Americans would be asked to wear masks. On Monday, Mr Biden is expected to name…

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November 6, 2020

Election 2020 live updates: Biden takes lead in count in Pennsylvania and Georgia, where recount is expected

Joe Biden overtook President Trump in the count in Pennsylvania just before 9 a.m. as the state’s Democratic-leaning counties reported additional vote count totals. The count is ongoing. But Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would put Biden over the 270 votes needed even with a handful of other states still too close to call. Biden also…

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November 5, 2020

Georgia official: 'If the vote was rigged it wouldn't be so close'

A top Georgia election official has just concluded a briefing where he refused to make a prediction for how much longer we will have to wait for a result. “We can’t know how long the process will take,” said Gabriel Sterling, an official in the secretary of state’s office. He added that counties technically have…

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November 4, 2020

US Election 2020: Tense wait as US election winner remains unclear

The outcome of the US presidential election is on a knife edge, with Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden neck and neck in key swing states No candidate can credibly claim to have won as yet, and both campaigns said they had potential paths to victory. Mr. Biden’s campaign said the race was “moving…

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